Restaurant Hacks: 21 Yummy Duplicate Recipes You Can Prepare at Home

It's a delicious homemade version of the Crumbl chilled sugar cookie recipe, with the soft, buttery texture you love and a sweet almond frosting!

Giant Cheese Stuffed Shells (Olive Garden Copycat Recipe) Make your own Giant Cheese Stuffed Shells at home easily.

Italian cheeses stuffed in pasta shells, atop marinara and Alfredo sauce with crunchy breadcrumbs - the perfect comfort food. 

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Firecracker Chicken Wraps Recipe (Copycat) Try these Firecracker Chicken Wraps inspired by Longhorn steakhouse wraps. 

Copycat Chipotle Guacamole This Copycat Chipotle Guacamole Recipe tastes like it came fresh from the restaurant.

Cavatappi Bacon Mac and Cheese (Longhorn Copycat) If you're familiar with the Longhorn Steakhouse menu then you are sure to know and love their Cavatappi Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe!

This an absolute must-try recipe, packed with five signature cheeses, and a delicious, crisp bacon topping!

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