Seldom Found Bicentennial Quarter Worth Almost $10 Million USD + Six Additional Worth Almost $150,000

Recently, a seldom found Bicentennial Quarter has been appraised at nearly $10 million USD, while six other specimens are collectively worth almost $150,000.

The Bicentennial Quarter was part of a special commemorative coin series issued in 1975 and 1976 to honor the United States Bicentennial.

This particular quarter may feature a combination of unique errors, such as double die errors, off-center strikes, or other anomalies that increase its rarity.

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While most Bicentennial Quarters are made of a copper-nickel clad, a small number were struck in 40% silver for collectors.

An error or a prototype struck in a different metal composition could significantly increase its value.

Coins in mint or near-mint condition (graded MS68 or higher) are exceedingly rare and highly sought after by collectors.

The history of the coin, including previous ownership and any notable auctions, can add to its allure and value.

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