Seldom Found Bicentennial Quarter Worth Almost $28 Million USD + Four Additional Worth Almost $750,000

Among the vast sea of circulated coins, some rarities stand out, carrying a value far beyond their face.

One such example is a seldom-found Bicentennial quarter, astonishingly valued at almost $28 million USD.

This quarter, along with four additional quarters worth nearly $750,000 each, has captivated the attention of collectors and numismatists worldwide.

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While millions of these quarters were produced, one particular coin has gained extraordinary value due to its exceptional condition and unique characteristics.

The coin in question not only remains in pristine condition but also exhibits a rare error: a double die obverse (DDO), where the die used to strike the coin was engraved twice.

This results in a noticeable doubling of the image, particularly evident in the inscriptions and the drummer boy's details.

These quarters share the Bicentennial design but possess their unique attributes that elevate their worth.

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