Small Eye Smokey Eye Makeup Tips


Some have smaller eyes than their faces. Smokey eyes for tiny eyes are handled differently. If you're one, these tips may help:

The first step is to prime your lid. Then, use a foundation as a base on the lids, under the brow, and to hide the dark circles under the eyes.

Next, you can put small dots of foundation in places where you might have dark rings and mix them well.

 It's very important to cover them up. Instead of one thick layer of makeup, you can use three or four small ones. Powder just makes wrinkles and lines stand out. 

If your eyes are small, don't use brown, black, bronze, or purple colors that are too dark.

Depending on the color of your skin, choose an eyeliner that isn't too strong and won't make your eyes stand out.

Thinly line your upper lids. Add a little winged accent around your eyes. Preferably blackish but not jet black. Blacker eyes seem smaller.

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