Snuggle-worthy Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees are gentle giants with thick, white double coats. Two coats—a short, soft undercoat and a longer, rougher outer coat—make up a double coat. 

The Great Pyrenees coat is dirt- and tangle-resistant, making it low-maintenance despite its hair. The American Kennel Club recommends weekly brushing to decrease shedding

The large, gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog has a fluffy, relatively long double coat with breed-standard tricolor (jet black, white, and rust) colors. 

This breed sheds year-round, although brushing at least once a week helps. 

Golden Retrievers are named for their thick, golden double coats. Regular brushing is needed since goldies shed severely twice a year

For maximum dead hair removal, the American Kennel Club advises a slicker brush.

Thankfully, the Chow Chow demonstrates that not all dogs with lengthy, fluffy coats require constant grooming and attention.

Although this breed does not shed excessively, regular brushing is still necessary to prevent mats. 

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