Some secrets about dogs 

A dog's sleep-related barking or yelping resembles the sleep-related actions of humans, such as sleepwalking

They're enacting their fantasies in the same way that we do. 

Your dog should get habituated to the mailman after so many visits. 

Inexplicably, some canines enjoy the taste of feces. Coprophagia describes what happens when a dog eats its own waste. 

Get them checked out by the vet if they seem fixated on anything, like a wall. 

What your dog is starring at can give you clues as to why he or she is staring.

You should take your dog to the vet if you notice it sobbing just after eatiing , it's usually because of tooth pain,  or stomach pain. 

A dog's whining at the dinner table could be an expression of joy. He's demonstrating his gratitude for food.

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