Starbucks adds boba to its new summer menu

while bubble tea shops have been steadily gaining in popularity and becoming easier and easier to find, this summer, you’ll be able to get boba anywhere across the U.S. — because Starbucks just added it to the menu.

The coffee chain is adding three new drinks to its summer menu that add refreshing new pops of flavor and color for the warmer months.

There’s the Summer-Berry Starbucks Refresher, which features a blend of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry flavors shaken with ice and poured over a layer of popping raspberry-flavored pearls.

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Then there’s the Summer-Berry Lemonade Starbucks Refresher, which combines a Summer-Berry Refresher with ice and lemonade, which is then poured over a layer of raspberry pearls.

new blue Summer-Berry Refreshers coconutmilk poured over ice and popping raspberry-flavored pearls for an extra burst of flavor.

While we’ll definitely be trying all these new drinks, Starbucks runs can quickly add up.

so you can make different flavors of fruit and milk tea with boba-inspired tapioca pearls for yourself and your friends and family to try.

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