Stomach-Awful Foods

Inflammation causes belly fat from three forms of dietary fat: Saturated, omega-6, and trans fats.

The trans fat ban allows some refined oil usage, therefore processed goods can contain trans fat.

Processed meats are flavorful but heavy in calories and saturated fats

. Fried meals increase belly obesity because their high fat content takes longer to absorb.

ince lactase helps newborns digest breast milk, as we get older, dairy meals with lactose can upset our stomachs even if they didn't earlier. 

Fructose, another FODMAP, can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea—IBS symptoms. 

Onions, wheat, and garlic are fructan-rich. Some people have trouble digesting fructan, which can cause flatulence. 

Beans, cabbage, and broccoli produce gas, according to Mayo Clinic nutritionists.

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