Subtle Signs to Avoid Idiots

A sharp observer thought this may indicate hidden ignorance. They often assume others won't do what they don't. Empathy and critical thinking are lacking. 

A perceptive observer discovered that less intelligent people tend to assume others are dumb. They seldom investigate competing views and presume that those who disagree are stupid.

Hypothetical questions make it hard to think abstractly or literally. If asked, "What would you do if you won the lottery?" they presented a strategy for their current condition.

Some think being unable to perceive things from multiple perspectives shows closed-mindedness or self-centeredness. They think they're correct and disregard others' viewpoints.

People that become furious with animals for barking or clawing may lack patience, empathy, or understanding of animals. It may indicate impulsivity or emotional instability.

Some people who repeatedly express a simple idea or story may be stupid. Lower-intelligence people sometimes fail to communicate complicated ideas clearly

communicating complicated concepts is a sign of intellect, those who struggle with this talent may unwittingly show their lack of intelligence.

Someone who refuses to examine other options may not be clever. They're uninterested in other perspectives. Smart individuals think critically and logically, yet they can't.

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