Summer Pregnancy: Cute Outfit Ideas

These shorts have the right length and distressing to be quite cozy. I got three pairs of shorts from Pink Blush for our trip, however I only wore the denim pair once

Grey is great for the summer since it goes with anything from white tanks to brightly colorful tops.

the armholes will be too big on this garment. On the other hand, if your chest is really broad, you might want to go up a size. It tends to run a little short

Wear it with a kimono for a formal occasion or with shoes for a casual stroll around the block. The possibilities are limitless.

A rainbow of hues await you in this racerback tank! It's comfy, covers a big bulge, and is plenty long.

I adore sliding elastic pencil skirts up over my bump and wearing it with a knotted graphic top or tank. I already owned two very old ones 

Shorts with a side panel are ideal for the summer since they keep you from having to wear anything over your stomach, which can be rather hot.

Maxi dresses that flow freely over the body are not only flattering but also keep you cool in the summer heat. With the addition of a lovely denim jacket

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