Superb Bicentennial Quarter Valuing Almost $50 Million + An Additional Three Worth Almost $150,000 USD

This coin, along with three others worth nearly $150,000 each, represents an extraordinary chapter in coin collecting history.

The Bicentennial Quarter was minted in 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States' independence.

The obverse side retained the familiar profile of George Washington but was inscribed with dual dates, "1776-1976", marking the bicentennial period.

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Several factors contribute to the exceptional value of the $50 million Bicentennial Quarter.

Firstly, its condition is pristine, graded at MS-67 (Mint State 67) by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Such a high grade is exceedingly rare, indicating the coin has virtually no flaws visible under magnification.

Secondly, this particular quarter was struck on a 90% silver planchet, unlike the standard copper-nickel composition used for most Bicentennial Quarters.

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