Surprisingly Friendly Dogs

Rottweilers -Despite movies portraying them as menacing, these dogs are enormous softies who adore their humans and aspire to become "lap dogs." They adore cuddling and bonding with their owners.

Golden Retrievers -Loyal and affectionate, Goldies are known. Smart, family-oriented, and ready to please. Golden Retriever owners say they need people.

Great Danes -Great Danes are loving despite their size. These boar-hunting canines make great pets. Great Danes are brave, lively, and loving.

Shih Tzu -Shih Tzus are little companion dogs loved for their devotion, tenderness, and unflinching support through difficult times. This breed charms all ages

Beagle - Beagles adore their humans. They'll jump on you, wriggle their butts, and snuggle on the sofa simply to be with you. Beagles are clingier than other kinds.

Jack Russells -Jack Russells please. They are energetic and work-oriented, making them ideal for active families with children. They adore people and will follow you around

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels -The petite, peaceful dog breed is clever and ready to please, making it a good choice for seniors. They are easy to teach and show their family love.

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