The  Most Popular Cat Breeds Are Pawsome

While not a paw-pularity contest, some cat breeds are more popular. Where does your cat rank among the most popular breeds?

The lovable ragdoll is the most popular cat breed. Large, fluffy Ragdolls with blue eyes and color points. 

 The breed received its name because some ragdolls go limp when lifted up because they want attention.

One of the largest cat breeds, Maine coons are popular. Some cats of this species have a lion-like neck ruff and thick coats for Northeast America's frigid climes.

They have many hues, including calico and multi-color coats.

Maine coons enjoy humans and follow their owners everywhere, but most are too active to be lap cats. 

Devon rex cats have wavy hair and an alien-like look, but they are vibrant and playful pets.

With its large, protruding eyes, curly tail, wrinkled face, and almost square look, the pug is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world.

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