The CDC Releases New Dog Import Rules For U.S. Entry

the end of summer, all dogs traveling to the U.S. must have a completed CDC Dog Import Form and be implanted with an International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-compatible microchip.

In addition to appearing “healthy upon arrival,” all dogs entering the U.S. must be at least six months old.

dog owners must provide documentation regarding where their canine pet traveled within the six months before their U.S. entry.

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Otherwise, they’ll have to prove the dog received an up-to-date rabies vaccine issued in the U.S.

Regarding the latter, the CDC needs to know if your pet visited a “country with high risk” of dog rabies or a place considered “dog rabies-free/low-risk.

According to NBC News, the CDC’s updated rules also apply to “breeders or rescue groups” transporting dogs into the U.S. The governmental agency’s latest regulations adjust those established in 2021.

The new rules apply to all dogs entering or returning to the U.S. The CDC provides checklists to review before traveling to ensure you and your pet are prepared.

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