The Daily FoodScope for Monday, July 9, 2023

Your nutritious tuna on bread and tiny green salad will taste better in the sunshine and fresh air.

Today, everyone will want your attention. Lunch may reveal the source of this admiration. Then you'll understand that your newfound popularity is due to the microwaved 

Investigate today. Investigating issues may change your perspective. Be open-minded and you'll find that a gyro is more than a burrito,

Today, making smart judgments may be impossible. Instincts will lead you. But ignore your gut—it wants a mushroom double cheeseburger and onion rings.

Today, all your secrets may be hidden. Look deeper and you may be pleasantly surprised. The Asian-fusion pot pie's flaky top reveals chicken, snap peas, and mushrooms 

Don't overplan. While having fun, you may overextend yourself. Be present. Lunch with coworkers is a fantastic respite. 

Chatting and eating Buffalo wings and Caesar salad may make you forget to go to work.

Today, it's okay to feel selfish. Sometimes you need everything all to yourself. Today, you won't care if others complain about your organic Guatemalan coffee.

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