The Greatest Dog Running Leashes to Follow Your Dog

6 in 1 Hands Free Dog Leash This running leash wins the award for versatility by a mile. 

One dog-walking reviewer says “I have one for my dog and two that I use for my dog walking business.

These leashes give me so many options on how to use them and stand up really well to dogs of all sizes.” Bonus:

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Hands Free Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dog With over 15,000 positive ratings on Amazon, this pick from SparklyPets is the best bang for your buck if you’re on a budget. 

This hands-free leash has all the features you’d need for a stronger, bigger dog and is able to convert to a hand-held leash if necessary. 

FT Heavy Duty Dog Leash If the hands-free feature is not a necessity for you and you like the control that a traditional hand-held leash provides

Allie Early, Prevention’s digital director, says this pick “has a little bit of give, so you don’t get rocket-launched if they dart a bit!”

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