The Intriguing Background of the Bicentennial Quarter, Valuable at Over $750,000 in Gems

The obverse side continued to feature John Flanagan's portrait of George Washington, a staple since 1932.

Unlike other commemorative coins, the Bicentennial quarters were produced in large quantities across three mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D), and San Francisco (S).

Overall, billions of these quarters were minted and widely circulated, making them a common find in everyday transactions for many years.

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Despite their commonality, certain Bicentennial quarters are considered rare and highly valuable.

Quarters in pristine, uncirculated condition are far more valuable than those showing signs of wear.

Coins graded as MS-67 (Mint State) or higher by professional grading services like PCGS or NGC are particularly sought after by collectors.

Other errors include off-center strikes and coins struck on the wrong planchet.

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