the worst foods for your heart,  means I can't eat any of them.

Sausage and hot dogs include saturated fat. Even low-fat foods are salty. 

supermarket roasted birds, they have more sodium and saturated fat than home-cooked fowl.

In other condiment news, avoid sauce at cookouts for heart health. A normal bottle provides 310 mg of sodium per tablespoon. 

Fisher thinks hidden sugar and salt make reduced-fat salad dressings a cardiac crime.

"Check food labels and ingredient lists for fat replacement sugar grams. "Many natural fats promote satiety and reduce cravings and overeating,"

For heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, choose a natural, full-fat, sugar-free nut butter. 

ut milks vary. "Flavored and sweetened milk substitutes line supermarket shelves, making it difficult to choose the healthiest option

potato consumption to hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Frying potatoes harms your heart.

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