Three extremely rare bicentennial quarters are almost as valuable as a $250,000 Mini Cooper Special Edition.

In the world of numismatics, where the value of coins can often transcend their face worth, rarity is the holy grail.

Among the myriad of coins circulating in everyday transactions, some hold a special place due to their scarcity, historical significance, or unique attributes.

Among such rarities are three bicentennial quarters, whose value rivals that of a quarter-million-dollar automobile.

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In 1976, the United States commemorated its 200th anniversary with a series of special coins, including the bicentennial quarter.

While millions were minted to celebrate the occasion, three particular quarters stand out as exceptionally rare, each nearly as valuable as a high-end luxury car.

These quarters, minted at the San Francisco Mint, bear a special mark distinguishing them from their more common counterparts.

The growth in these sectors drives demand for ETH, as users need it to pay for transactions and services on the network.

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