Three more quarters at over $250,000 each and a rare bicentennial quarter worth almost $50 million

Coins are more than just a means of transaction; they can be historical artifacts, artistic masterpieces, and valuable collectibles.

Among the myriad of coins, certain quarters have captured the attention of numismatists and collectors due to their rarity and significant value.

This article delves into three quarters each valued at over $250,000 and an exceptionally rare bicentennial quarter with an astonishing estimated worth of nearly $50 million.

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The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter is a cornerstone for serious coin collectors.

Minted during the early years of the United States, this quarter holds immense historical significance.

The design, created by renowned engraver Robert Scot, features Lady Liberty draped in a flowing gown on the obverse and a small eagle encircled by a wreath on the reverse.

One of these nickels, the Olsen specimen, sold for $3.7 million in 2010, and another, the Walton specimen, was valued at over $4 million in recent years.

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