Top 3 Zodiacs for DatingWhat's in Each Zodiac's Barbie Dream House?

Aries,A game area equipped for intense board game competition would be included in ,

Taurus,The largest, most comfortable sofa imaginable would be found in your Barbie Dream Home. It would curve around and be extra wide, allowing you to lie in a variety of positions 

Gemini,A fully stocked bar would be part of your Barbie Dream Home. In addition, every bottle would sparkle and shine. 

Cancer,A cozy reading area awaits you in your Barbie dream home.

Leo,Your Barbie dream home would feature a performance area

Virgo,A pink vacuum and mop, perfect for your Barbie dream home. There was also a pink dustpan and brush

Libra,A chat area would be included in your Barbie dream home

Scorpio In your Barbie fantasy home, there is a hidden library behind a bookshelf. 

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