Ten Bright Summer Nail Designs to Attempt

Start wearing bright red nails now—don't wait until July 4th. We adore a vivid apple tone like this for summer, but red is always a classic. "Sexy lifeguard"?

Can't decide between French tips, designs, or acrylic manicures? No need. Mix and combine nail polish colors for a distinctive effect. Summer neon orange is great.

To make the most of our limited sunshine, we'll wear sun-inspired yellow nail polish. Start with a yellow base coat then add sparkle polish or chrome powder for extra shine.

Squoval nails and this green are trendy. If you want to stand out with a bright colour but keep on style, this manicure is for you. It leans more lime than light green.

This year, all blues are trendy, but this one makes me want to lie by the pool and absorb up the sun. A light blue ombre nail moment would be lovely!

I seldom wear purple, but this grape tint is very appealing this time of year. If you're like me, try it—you'll turn heads.

When the movie comes out in July, get these pink nails. After the release, these summer nails will be fashionable, so apply a few French tips and a few solid nails to stand out.

Summer nail designs were delivered. If you want neon-bright summer manicures, grab these rainbow nails.

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