Top 5th of July Nail Designs

Love fireworks? You'll adore these! Start with solid red on a few nails then add firework or tie-dye nails with white and blue.

Instead of brown and white, use red, white, and blue animal print. I appreciate that they don't require a steady hand—a terrific approach for beginners

Classic fifth of July nails? For you! The white stars are stickers, making them excellent for beginners! To keep stickers on, use a clear topcoat.

Paint some nails red and others neutral. Make straight blue, red, and white stripes on one nail and part of a star on the other.

This 5th of July manicure has lovely ideas! If you only wanted one design, you could do the others in plain colors.

Gingham french tips are adorable! Flowers and picnics make this summer nail design entertaining. The colors make it patriotic.

Love the vintage style but yet want to celebrate the occasion in style? French manicures in red are the foundation; afterwards, white flowers are added. 

For the flower centers and to create blue dots, use a dotting tool and blue nail polish. Voila! The ideal combination of red, white, and blue.

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