10 Surprisingly Loving Dogs

Newfoundlands are dog giants. Intelligent and kind, they were bred to labor.

Jack Russells please. They're perfect for active families with kids or grownups.

Bernese Mountain Dogs love to please their owners. They love kids and don't like kennels.

The petite, peaceful dog breed is smart and ready to please, making it a good choice for seniors. 

Beagles adore their humans. They'll jump on you, wriggle their bottoms, and snuggle on the couch simply to be with you.

Shih Tzus are little companion dogs loved for their devotion, affection, and unflinching support during difficult times. 

Great Danes are affectionate despite their size. Boar-hunting dogs make great pets.

Loyal and loving, Goldies are known. Smart, family-oriented, and willing to please,

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