Top Essential Makeup Products

Priming your face for cosmetics creates the ideal canvas. "Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream tones down redness, plumps skin, and improves skin texture for makeup

Foundation Primer

Foundation's versatility is excellent. Foundations are often thought to be too hefty. an excellent shade range and a beautiful finish,

Liquid Foundation

Concealer is used beneath the eyes for dark circles and on blemishes to reduce redness. It comes in numerous textures and coverage levels. 


Over-plucking, waxing, or thinning hair can make your eyebrows seem thinner. Easily form the arch and fill in with gentle strokes with a pencil. Whitfield loves Eyebrow Queen.

Eyebrow Pencil

Beautiful eye makeup requires eyeshadow, whether powder or cream. Start with the Too Faced Natural Lust Palette for daily eyeshadow.


The most prevalent types of eyeliner are pencil and liquid. The Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel pencils are creamy and easy to apply.


Mascara daily will transform your eyes. Mascara is the ideal product for an immediate lift and may transform all your eye makeup looks.


Blush restores color to your cheeks after foundation, but it won't send you to Clown Town. Many natural hues can be lightly brushed on your cheeks.


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