Top Wheat Pennies: Important Dates and Mint Marks

Minted from 1909 to 1958, these coins feature a profile of President Abraham Lincoln on the obverse side and two wheat stalks on the reverse.

While all wheat pennies hold some historical interest, certain dates and mint marks stand out for their rarity, historical significance, and value.

The 1909-S VDB wheat penny is perhaps the most famous and sought-after coin in the series.

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This penny was part of the first year of issue for the Lincoln cent, which was designed by Victor David Brenner.

The "VDB" initials appear on the reverse side at the bottom, which caused some controversy at the time.

Only 484,000 of these coins were minted in San Francisco, making them quite rare.

Collectors consider the 1909-S VDB to be a key date, and even coins in average condition can fetch a significant price.

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