Twelve Well-Known Large Dog Breeds That Win Our Hearts

Large dog breeds have a way of making their presence felt, quite literally, as they lumber through our homes and hearts. 

Labrador Retriever: Height: Up to 24.5 inches Weight: Up to 80 pounds Defining Characteristics: Friendly, versatile, highly trainable, great with families

Labrador Retrievers are not just beloved for their friendly nature; they also have a significant history of assisting in various service roles

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German Shepherd: Versatile Guardian Height: Up to 26 inches Weight: Up to 90 pounds Defining Characteristics: Intelligent, loyal, protective, excels in work roles

German Shepherds are renowned not only for their intelligence but also for their courage and ability to learn commands for many tasks quickly. 

Golden Retriever: The Golden Heart Height: Up to 24 inches Weight: Up to 75 pounds Defining Characteristics: Friendly, patient, great with kids, beautiful golden coat

Golden Retrievers are not just friendly; they are also incredibly patient, which makes them exceptional therapy dogs. 

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