USA's Most Aggressive Cats

Main Coon The Maine Coon, a large, loving cat, is noted for its aggression. Maine Coons are territorial and prey-driven.

Siamese Siamese cats are noisy and demanding. These cats are smart, inquisitive, and forceful.Siamese cats demand attention and may act out if ignored.

Bengal Bengal cats have remarkable coat patterns and wild appearances. Bengal cats, descendants of the Asian leopard cat, have predatory tendencies.

Abyssinian Abyssinians are cheeky and lively. These energetic kitties need lots of stimulation. Abyssinians may become violent if bored.

Scots Fold Scottish Folds are renowned owing to their cute folded ears. Some Scottish Folds are territorial, but most are sociable.

Persian Persian cats are peaceful and have luxuriant fur. However, Persian cats may be aggressive. Chaos can worry these kitties.

Burmese Burmese cats love people. They're possessive and aggressive. Burmese cats may attack intruders.

Russia Blue Russian Blue cats have beautiful blue coats and green eyes. If intimidated or interrupted, they may become aggressive.

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