Vet Identifies Five Signs Your Dog Trusts You

 chief veterinary officer at dvm360®, advises his 850,000 social media followers on pet care. Christman made a video to help owners know if their dog trusts them.

"I wanted to put out a short, digestible and easy-to-understand video using examples that are easily relatable," 

 Christman told Newsweek. Whether you adopt a puppy or an older dog, a schedule can help them adj

However, Christman added that a shared schedule may help strengthen a canine-human link since your dog knows it can trust you.

"Your dog is expecting you to hold up your end of the bargain on when you're feeding, walking, and engaging with them," he added.

It's irritating when your dog takes your clothes or other items with your fragrance, but it means they like you.

Canines' face muscles have developed to better interact with humans. It takes time to learn your dog's body language and vice versa. Christman said it's worthwhile.

Understanding your dog's body language builds trust since you'll know when to respect their boundaries.

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