Breeds of cats that are most expensive globally

Depending on who you ask, there are several cat breeds. The CFA recognizes 45 pedigree cat breeds.

The following felines are among the most costly specimens globally.

Features: Long, silky fur in beautiful hues and patterns.Average: Up to $700

Why Norwegian forest cats are so expensive: The fluffiest cat breed available. Norwegian woodland cats have a long, glossy double coat for more than simply appearance.

The athletic Norwegian forest cat's water-resistant fur reminds us that it was developed to survive hard winters, not just look attractive.

Norwegian forest cats love jumping and climbing, so owners are often surprised to discover them perched on bookshelves and fridges like happy, purring pillows.

Unlike the fluffy ragdoll cat breed, Norwegian forest cats are active and playful into old age.

With its large, protruding eyes, curly tail, wrinkled face, and almost square look, the pug is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world.

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