week of July 23rd to the 29th,  the horoscope for all zodiac signs.

Aries  Universe is changing! Chiron goes retrograde on July 23, triggering painful memories and dangerous patterns.

Gemini Chiron enters the eleventh house of communication this week. On July 23 you will begin eliminating negative people from your social and romantic circles

Cancer Tired of your daily routine? A new line of work is in order. Chiron enters your second house of leadership and desire on July 23. 

Leo  Since the 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season, you're starting the new week with an abundance of vigor and hope. You're eager for a fresh start

Virgo Get back in control of your life! On July 23rd, Chiron will move into your eighth house of privacy, close relationships, and resources during its retrograde motion.

Libra Chiron becomes retrograde on July 23 and moves into your seventh house of partnerships. Past hurts should not be brought into new relationships

 Relax, Scorpio, and give your mind the attention it deserves this week. Now is the time to establish guidelines and assign responsibilities

Sagittarius, you need a serious relationship. It might be best to put off meeting the parents for a while, despite the temptation to do so after a few weeks. 

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