What Married Couples Miss Most About Being Alone

Marriage has many firsts that make it worthwhile, but they are the ones you'll lose from being single.” 

 Whatever you choose to call it— flirting with attractive strangers, testing the waters, playing hard to get, etc. 

Having no one check up on me for silly things I do in my own home. 

Although we usually agree on what to eat, there are times when we both want something completely different. 

Leaving on a Saturday to hang out with my pals without feeling guilty about killing her puppy and sleeping with her sister. 

 I'd like it to be warm enough here so that I can relax.

When I'm on my own schedule. I love my wife very much, but we seldom get any alone time because we have to share a car.

When I sleep, I wake up a lot. I can't remember the last time I slept without interruption. 

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