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Each Zodiac Sign's Ideal Yoga Pose

Aries energy thrives in chaturanga or low plank. “This pose requires strength and control, which Aries naturally possess

Holding yourself steady on your hands and toes will feel amazing, especially if you lift a leg for a challenge. Solaris explains

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Taurus appreciates balance and stability, which tree pose (vrikshasana) promotes. Feeling tall and balanced as you press into your standing foot to connect to the earth

Gemini loves half-camels. Solaris tells Bustle that this stance opens the heart and throat chakras, which benefits talkative and social Geminis

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Solaris believes Cancers need this comfortable position to feel secure. Take deep breaths to relax and reflect as a diaphragm sign.

Leo, an expressive fire sign, loves yoga positions that let you play. Solaris believes lion's pose, or simhasana, is about self-expression and confidence

Virgo, the earthiest earth sign, loves positions that take discipline and attention to detail and get a lot done in one move. Downward dog meets these requirements despite its simplicity

Libra, an air sign represented by the scales, loves eagle pose, or garudasana, because they seek balance and harmony

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