Dog breeds that are calm partners

French Bulldog-The French Bulldog is playful, bright, and friendly, yet he usually just barks to let you know someone is there.

Great Dane-Great Danes bark loudly—and so will your neighbors! but gentle giants have a reason. These noble and amiable dogs will bark to protect their territory

Akita-This devoted breed, known as the silent hunter, may not bark much, but if they think it's necessary, they'll alert you. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-These adorable dogs love people and rarely bark. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is kind, affectionate, and loyal to his owner. 

PUG-Despite their noisy breathing, Pugs rarely bark, instead yipping when excited. This human-obsessed species snores and is cuddly and eccentric.

Saint Bernard-Charming, polite, and with saintly tolerance! These gentle giants adore lounging with their families and are strong and robust. 

Shiba Inu-The Shiba Inu, the oldest and smallest Japanese dog breed, is courageous and loyal to his family. While alert, this dog only barks when necessary 

Borzoi-Beautiful Borzois are peaceful and well-mannered. Cat-like, they are calm and dignified. Borzois, once known as the Russian Wolfhound

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