Winter Mani: Lip Gloss Nails

Experimenting with your manicure is wonderful, but sometimes you want to reset to something basic and unobtrusive.

Lipgloss nails—what are they? We're not suggesting you put lip gloss on your manicure—it's sticky.

Lip gloss nails are transparent, glossy coats of color. Lip gloss nails, like pink lip gloss, work with everything and look wonderful on all nail lengths

from pointed stilettos to short, squared-off tips. They're like the little black dress of manicures—always trendy and easy to customize to your skin tone, style, and routine

Jelly nails, a bright yet translucent splash of color on the nail or tips; the contentious, simple "Clean Girl" look

Lip gloss nails would be the offspring of these trends. They resemble a pink and white nail salon treatment without the white tips 

A basic lip gloss nail is pale pink and sparkly, but you don't have to follow a recipe. You may customize the manicure style. 

Lip gloss nails are a play on a classic mani style. Celebrity nail artist Sonyua Belakhlef calls this trend the neutral equivalent of the summer jelly trend.

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