Women's Concerns Men Never See

I'm unaffected by your period. While I wash your jeans, you can wear mine. Need tampons? I'll go get it. 100% natural.”

“Do you know how much pore-minimizing ads pester the average western girl during her formative years? We hear that huge pores make you look elderly, therefore we drill them to maintain them clean and small.

“We notice sometimes but don't care. I think shaving is harder since I can feel how sharp the hair is, even though it's thin, but I'm glad she's comfortable.

Women worry about humor. Funny is good. If not, don't force it. Please share your odd humor. Our male buddies are not all hilarious. There are generally one or two humorous people, and the rest of us keep the jokes going.”

“I turned my phone camera on and saw what I would look like on top. I'll never forget it. It was awful.”

“Women typically think they are doing worse in computing courses than men. As a CS teacher, I now tell all excelling women they're doing great, especially in lower-level courses. This has prevented early dropouts for women.”

“If you like clothes, fashion, etc., it’s probably not a big deal. Repeating clothing may make you worried or uncomfortable.

“I wouldn’t notice if a girl wore black and brown shoes.” “No toe-split shoes.”

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