Several Varieties of Mascara

Powder mascara is unique. Add a few drops of water and use a wand. Mascara sets like artificial eyelashes.

Creamy mascara gives thin eyelashes volume and depth. It smudges readily, therefore you need a special applicator.

These mascaras are the most widely available and utilized by ladies with slightly curled lashes. It intensifies lashes. These are water-soluble or water-resistant.

Straight mascara wands reach inside eyelid and tiny lashes easily. To completely coat lashes, hold the brush at different angles.

Curved brushes and tube mascaras give lashes additional curl and lift. Comb-shaped mascara separates and prevents clumping.

Comb brushes separate and evenly apply mascara. It lengthens and thickens lashes.

Big Brush Mascara thickens and volumizes eyelashes. The wand's dense bristles provide thickness. With practice, a large mascara brush can clump and be difficult to use.

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