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Strong sticky backs nail art stickers. Apply them to dried nail polish and seal with a fast-dry topcoat. Designs range from flowers to cartoons.

Nail art requires dotting tools. They make dots. They normally come in groups of five with different-sized 10-heads. They help make simple nail patterns.

Rhinestones sparkle whether acrylic, crystal, or glitter. Rhinestones provide glitter and elegance to nails. Use them for custom nails.

Thin metallic nail tapes help add lines. These tapes have numerous textures and hues.

Small metal or glass beads. These make accents and 3D nails.  See Caviar nail art.

You should have some nice nail polish colors. Black and white are the most common colors, therefore include them. Add glitter or textured nail polishes. Magnetic nail enamel is popular presently.

A nail stamping kit typically comprises a stamper, scraper, and template, although some include stainless steel image plates, transparent jelly, and nail striping tape. 

Nail art kits need topcoats and basecoats. Top coats protect, shine, and prolong manicures. Base coats prevent nail polish from peeling and fading.

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