Zodiacs Mistaking Lust for Love

Aries: Aries fall in love quickly and don't consider compatibility. Instead of consulting their wits, they trust their hearts to guide them. 

 Aries think every relationship (or fling) is the finest of their lives since they're so passionate about them. It seems unbeatable. 

Cancers: Hopeless romantics. They desire a life partner. Since hookups never cross their minds, they expect every relationship will result in a marriage proposal

They may mistake desire for love because they're so thrilled to fall in love. They want to settle down so badly that they disregard red signs and don't recognize their own sentiments.

Libra: Libras fall in love a thousand times, but each time feels like the last. They think they found forever. However, kids will eventually recognize that this individual

 Libras adore finding extraordinary people that deserve affection. If desire feels this good, imagine loving the right person.

Leo: Leos want someone to treat them, so when they find someone interested, they're thrilled to see what happens. Loyal to a fault, they might easily fall in love and imagine a life together. 

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